Lesly Daniel: Not Because of Skin Color or Height, nor Does It Have an Expiration Date.

We have to make love with the light on and show our curves or our bones with pride, instead of focusing on hiding, disguising or enhancing, let’s let ourselves be carried away by the desire we inspire and what we feel. We are worthy of caresses and pleasure, so let’s enjoy more and let go of fears. Let’s not think so much about the love handles or cellulite that rebel when we do X or Y posture, rather let’s think about how rich it is to give and receive. And let’s send our inner judge and social expectations of vacations far away.

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I’m a shy girl when I get into any room. Once I get more comfortable my wild side comes out and takes me all over. I am very funny and I will make u feel so loved and excited, I love to be complacent when you make me feel good too!


I am a girl full of romance and passion, I love to spend long hours enjoying our warmth and passion, I enjoy every erotic moment and form a special connection, my only intention is to fill you with lots of love.



I am always in the mood for some naughty fun and I like to play!

Kendal Wiston: October is Coming…

The purpose of this Blog is ask you one thing! Do you enjoy Halloween? I hope that everyone of you will support me the next month and have a lot of fun and sex with you!! I love Halloween! and I want to ask you! What do you want my costume to be?fairy, super hero, nurse, egyptian, fictional character? Please, send me your answers and help me to choose the best option!

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Eva Lux: Story of My Happy Avocado

You will wonder every time you enter my living room, why I have an avocado tattoed on my arm, Okay today will be the day where you will know…Since I was very little I have liked to eat vegetables and try to eat the best possible, always thinking about the benefits that food can have on me, but avocado was something that I always liked but at that time there was no possibility of eating it all days, so when we could eat it at home it was like tasting paradise, there was a time when I stopped eating it for many years, but whenever I saw someone selling avocados or in a supermarket, my mouth immediately watered. After 3 years I started eating it again and from that moment on I try to eat it often and I am happy when I get a healthy avocado, since most of them sometimes appear bruised or ripen very quickly. Once I was with a friend fromthat time who is a tatto artist and between jokes and gossip I challenged myself to get a tattoo of something I liked and jokingly I told her an avocado, there we both let out a laugh, then I told her no and from that moment on the challenge, The good thing was that I beat him because I did get it tattoed and now I see that it has been a very curious tatto for the people who see it on my arm and even come to like it since I am always happy, That’s why they call it… The happy avocado!

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I love to be always relaxed! I don`t like problems! I just want to have fun and chat! you are always welcome in my living room!


I`m Lucy, a half Latin and half Asian girl. I`m studying surgical instrumentation, so you can come and use your instrument with me ;). I`m a naughty and flirtatious girl, my eyes will tell you how much I want to be fucked. I want to spend a nice time with you